Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh, Ye, of Little Faith

Welcome to Little Faith! This is the fastest growing state in the United States of America. Multitudes of people have moved to Little Faith in the past few decades, years, months. Let's talk to some of the residents to find out why they chose Little Faith as their new home.

Resident 1: I couldn't believe all that had gone on recently in the world! Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Japan...fighting, earthquakes, tsunamis...I just couldn't handle all the upheavals, disasters...I decided to just immerse myself in comforting town of Little Faith.

Resident 2: I was having trouble paying my mortgage; I could hardly keep the heat on during the felt like the cost of living was on the rise and my wages were shrinking! Little Faith gave me the chance to wallow in the cities of Fear and Doubt. I felt like I finally fit in!!!

Resident 3: I have lost so many people this past year. Cancer was a word I was hearing every day~either somebody had it, or somebody died from it. I was so sick of disease and death! I packed my bags and moved to Little Faith because I needed to get away~I couldn't handle the pressure. I now live in Sorrow, Little Faith! I am no longer alone!

Could this be the start of a brochure for a fast growing metropolitan suburb? Is Little Faith a place on a map, or a place in my heart? Do I trust that the maker of bread can provide bread for me and my family? Do I believe that the designer of the heavens can also clothe me? Matthew 6:30 Will he not much more clothe you, yea of little faith???

The waves of fear that follow the waves of the tsunami will never be strong enough to wash away the promises of the God...He promised that once and for all our sins would be washed away from blood of a lamb, not water from oceans and seas...If I can believe in that redeeming love, then I need not live in Little Faith~I belong in a palace, not a grave...

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