Monday, April 18, 2011

Evie Jo's Sight Factory

Every human being is equipped with a sense called "sight." The sight comes from a place called the Sight Factory. Evie Jo had two major CEO's at her Sight Factory: Louisa Left-Eye and Ruby Right-Eye. This is a story about how the two CEO's dealt with major upheaval in their company.

In the early development of the Sight Factory, one important employee forgot to come to work, Isabella Iris. She didn't know she was supposed to work at the Sight Factory because the Human Resource managers on chromosomes 11 and 15 translocated some information and forgot to schedule Isabella Iris for her orientation. It was very unforunate that Isabella Iris couldn't work at the Sight Factory as she had such a colorful personality.

Louisa Left Eye had to work extra hard because of the Human Resource manager's miscommunication. HR didn't fully develop the employees as the Sight Factory and they even hired bad employees like Gary Glaucoma and Cataract Kate. Louisa Left Eye was trying to fire Gary Glaucoma from the very first day. She would write him up for disruptive behavior and try to retrain him with drops and surgeries. These fixes all were temporary, and a few weeks later, Gary would act up again. Gary Glaucoma liked to pressure Louisa Left Eye and she didn't work well under pressure.

In June of 2005, Louisa thought she had solved the problem by brining in Ahmed, the implanted valve to help relieve her pressure and eventually fire Gary Glaucoma. Several months passed, however, and suddenly Ahmed quit working and that allowed Gary to misbehave again. Louisa Left Eye was under so much pressure that her half of the Sight Factory became foggy and clouded over. Cataract Kate took advantage of the fogginess and she became a larger and larger presence as well. Soon, Gary and Kate prevented any work from being done at the Sight Factory at all.

Poor Louisa Left Eye felt she had failed Evie Jo. But, Evie Jo had already started using Ruby Right Eye for the majority of her Sight Factory needs. Evie Jo was just tired of the pressure from Gary Glaucoma, so she gave Louisa Left Eye early retirment and decided all her Sight Factory needs would go through Ruby Right Eye from that day forward.

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