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Emotion vs. Salvation~Why I Was Wrong...

A long period of time has passed since my last post. It seems I hardly got my blog off the ground before I allowed myself to be distracted by the world and all it's fancy things and I forgot what had impassioned me to start my blog to begin with!

Some recent events here in Madison, WI combined with the message I heard today at church reminded me why I wanted to blog. I wanted my blog to inspire others who might be facing difficult circumstances, I wanted it to encourage others, to build them up, to show them how wonderful a relationship with God can be.

Right now, though, there is a battle taking place in Wisconsin that makes me think only of civil war. It turns brother against sister, cousins against cousins, friends against friends. The battle is emotionally charged because it is based in politics and also based in one's ability to earn a living, to access healthcare, to plan for one's future. The battle is emotionally charged because it will directly impact our c…