Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As amazing as it may sound, I saw something on the Hoda and Kathy Lee Gifford segment of the Today show the other day that led me to this blog I'm about to write...I know, I know...but please save your judgement for AFTER you read what I have to say.

They showed a couple of fun science tricks you can do to ease boredom on a weekend with your child, or, atleast give them something to discuss in Science class at school. Here's what it was: Take a plastic bag and fill it with water. Knot the bag at the top, like how you see the fish who are lucky enough to get purchased from a pet store, or Walmart, before they are floating aimlessly in a pool of death. :) You can take a pencil and pierce the bag...insert the pencil all the way through so it is coming out the other side of the bag. NO WATER WILL COME long as you don't pull the pencil back out.

Why does this happen? The elasticity of the plastic bag, and the force of the water keeps the bag tightly sealed to the pencil or pen you are using.

So, what did this make me think of? It made me think of us, and God, and how we may sometimes feel as we navigate our way through this messy life here on earth.

Do you ever feel like God is piercing you? Do you ever wonder why He hasn't changed your situation or removed you from an uncomfortable place in your life? Do you ever feel like there is so much pressure on you, that you just might break or explode?

Well, the one thing God CANNOT do is pull that object which is piercing you back out. You are actually at a more balanced place with that object still there, as uncomfortable as it may be. The object that is piercing you, may actually be what is holding you together temporarily.

So, what then, are we to do? Well. If we stick with this scientific analogy, I guess we wait for the water to dry up? To evaporate. That may take a long time. It could be really uncomfortable to sit there waiting patiently for the day when that "piercer" can be removed without making an even bigger mess. But, God's timing is always perfect. While you may feel like you have been waiting forever, God's timeline is infinite, so days, weeks, months and years are only a whisper to Him.

Maybe give it a try this weekend...(but, please, don't hold me responsible for any unforseen results). Observe how precariously that object sits in that clear platic bag...imagine the forces that are holding it in place...think about the perfect world God created with gravity and forces, with revolutions and rotations that are just right so that we as humans can withstand all the pushes and pulls that we feel in our lifetime. And maybe...say a little prayer as you pull that pencil or pen back out, and thank God for His perfect timing.


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