Saturday, June 16, 2012

Somewhere, Dreams are Waiting to be Dreamed

Have you ever wondered where dreams go when they die? Or where they come from when they take on life? 

 I saw some dreams come into existence over the course of these past few months of my life. I can only attribute it to prayer, everyday, and to listening to God's direction for me through His love letter to me. He reminded me that He has called me to a higher purpose. That I am not able to just sit by and watch life happen. That I have to take an active roll in the construction of my family and the community around me.

When you walk in God's will you receive the peace that only He can provide. So, call out to Him. And then listen. Listen for His direction...for His opportunities that come your way. Listen to His Word so you can recognize His voice among the many voices that fight for your attention.

There are limitless dreams waiting to be dreamed. Reach your hand up high to the sky and grab hold of them...God is just waiting to pour them out over you...

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