Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grandma Ev's Homestyle Cinnamon Toast

Grandma Ev's Homestyle Cinnamon Toast

Grandma Ev made, hands down, the best Cinnamon Toast, EVER!!!  I thought I would share the recipe...

2 loaves of bread
1 tub of butter spread
1 glass shaker (with a red/orange top shaped like a cone) full of cinnamon sugar


Slather both sides of every slice of bread with butter spread.  Be sure to use the entire tub.
Shake cinnamon sugar mix onto one side of the bread.
If you're not sure if you put enough on there, put more on there.

Lay prepared bread on a cookie sheet.
Bake bread in oven at 350 degrees until the granddaughters wake up.

Take toast out of oven and allow it to cool on the "pink plate" or the "white plate with roses on the one side" until Gary Gnu reads the No Gnus is Good Gnus on the Great Space Coaster.  Watch the girls eat as much toast as they can.  When the Showcase Show down has begun on The Price is Right, the girls are finished and will not be eating anymore toast.

Put the remaining-uneaten, but equally as well cooked toast into a bread bag...just use one of the bags you just took that fresh loaf of bread out of...

Tell the girls they should take the remaining Cinnamon Toast down on the dock to "feed the fish".  Then marvel at how big the fish have gotten, and wonder why they seem to be over-taking the lake.

"Go into town"... A.K.A. driving to Siren, and certainly stopping at the Fancy Freeze for a dish of ice cream... go into town and buy two more loaves of bread for breakfast tomorrow, because the kids can't go hungry.


  1. Ummmm.... this is bringing tears to my eyes as I read it and laugh at how accurate this is. Spot on - down to the plates (except the burn mark on the white plate was overlooked). Perhapa the plate was too close to said oven with cinnamon toast ;)

  2. That's funny Tam, Kristin and I were just talking about Grandma's cinnamon toast the other day. Ahhhhhhh, the memories. Do you remember, did she just use plain white bread? I know she used D'Italiano for toasted cheese sandwiches. I need to make some cinnamon toast and have a Calgon take me away moment. Your recipe is perfect ;)

    1. D Italiano for the cinnamon toast too :). Jeff and I used to make it...think it'll be good to do again when it starts getting cool in the mornings...warm the house up and smell good .:)



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