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Would you prefer a wound from a friend or a kiss from your enemy?My dad died unexpectedly back in June.  For the past few years he had been struggling with lots of health issues, but never had any one firmly diagnosed.  He had continued to be more and more absent from our lives, and for the girl (me) who only gets home to see everyone a mere 36 hours or so a month, that absence was deafening.

Finally, back in April during one of our visits, Dad had said to me, "The next time you come, be sure to bring my sunshine."  His "sunshine" was Evie.  He has sung it to her since the day she was born.  I looked at him, with my mouth hanging open..."Dad...she's right there."  "No," he replied, "That's not my sunshine, she doesn't have the time of day for me."  I'll admit, it was one of the first times that I had ever seen Evie so "unresponsive" to my dad.  He spent most of his time in the basement of the house.  That was w…