Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Letter From My Grandma Ev

I found a true gem the other day.  A card from my Grandma Ev, dated from 1991.  Based on her response, my guess is that my letter to her was about school, and perhaps some of the "picking on" that I received as a little goody-goody and bookworm.  I love this letter.  It reminds me of how I made it through and where I got faith...and, knowing that she was praying for us every day still makes me feel better today.  Is it any wonder I named my daughter after her?  I typed this out as Grandma wrote~grammar and spelling and all...

My little Sweet heart Tammy, or is it Tammie?  You are Grandma's little Sweet Heart, you know.  And I thank you for thinking of me! 
And you know what I do when I don't fall asleep right away?  I start thanking God for all His goodness to me~like Protection, and I always can find so many times He has been there to guide me and soon I'm asleep!  Always remember to Thank Him, cause without Him we'd have nothing and He likes our love too.
And when we feel the bottom is falling out, and you've no place or person to go to, God will always make a way, and guide you thru it!  And you know what?  Your friends don't know or rely on Jesus or they wouldn't complain all the time, rather count their blessings...If we obey His laws we are happier too! 
Pray for her and Grandma will too.  I pray a prayer cover of salvation and protection over all of you every day!  Ask God to fight your battles, and He will! 
Boy and only one month to go and school will be out and will you have time then to lay in the sun and relax.  And by that time Gram should be thru raking and etc. and you can always visit me!  Right?
Congrats on your rating in Spanish and thank you for the poem.  I have it sitting here and now thanks so much for thinking of me.  I love you all so very, very much and so does Jesus.  Grandma Ev

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