Monday, November 18, 2013

I Cannot Tell a Lie...

WEGO Health is asking me to lie today.  I'm really good at making up lies quickly and pulling it off, but I'm not good at long-term lying.  Lies eat away at me and torment me as long as I keep them in.   So, rather than telling you some truths and lies and having you figure out which one is which about ME, I'll tell them about WAGR/11p Deletion Syndrome and you can determine which is truth and which is a lie.  I'll even send you to the website where you can find the answers.  (A.K.A. the Teacher's Edition of a textbook)

  • WAGR/11p Deletion Syndrome is named for it's characteristics that manifest in people with the syndrome:
    • W:  Wilms Tumor
    • A:  Aniridia
    • G:  Genital Abnormalities
    • R:  Range of Developmental Delays  
People with WAGR show only these symptoms and don't have any other conditions to manage.  (Remember, I had to include a lie....)

  • The International WAGR Syndrome Association holds an annual event called WAGR Weekend during which families with WAGR come from all around the United States, and the world, to spend a weekend together and have peace in knowing that they are not alone.  WAGR Weekend is a life changing event for many families.

  • In 2011, the IWSA announced a name change for WAGR Syndrome, and advocated calling it WAGR/11p Deletion Syndrome.  Much of the recent research has revealed that WAGR/11p Deletion involves a wider range of deletions on the 11th chromosome, so the broader name WAGR/11p Deletion more accurately depicts what is happening with the people who have it.  Even more will be learned about WAGR/11p Deletion (jeepers, it was easier to type when it was just WAGR :) ) with the acceptance of the IWSA into the Global Rare Disease Registry which should launch within the next year.   "The goal of the GRDR is to create a resource of de-identified patient information from rare disease registries to help facilitate research and clinical trials; analyses of data across many disorders; and ultimately drug and therapies development for millions of rare disease patients. Long-term goals involve development of open-science principles and a sustainable resource funded and supported by private-public partnerships."  (accessed at on 11/18/2013).

You have successfully made it through my little WAGR/11p Deletion tutorial!  While I'm not going to give you a pop quiz to see if you retained the information, I will tell you that you can continue to learn more about WAGR/11p Deletion by signing up to get our monthly electronic newsletter, Mini-WINGS. 


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