Friday, November 15, 2013

Twitterpated with Twitter~Favorite Fridays

I love Twitter.  I love the challenge to use fewer words to convey full/rich content.  I love that famous people will favorite, tweet back, retweet or even *gasp* FOLLOW me!  On this favorite Friday, WEGO Health has requested that those blogging for National Health Blog Post Month talk about their 3 favorite people to follow on Twitter.  It's a tough task, but I'll try to narrow my list to fit that requirement.

First and foremost, I love to follow Snappin' Ministries .  This lady loves ministry and is an avid disability advocate.  What more could I be looking for???  I follow three of her lists as well, so I can see more things without having to follow more people.  She has a great "Cool Christians" list, "Disability Ministry" list, and "Wisconsin" list...oh, yeah, and she follows me and added me to all of those lists.  *love it* *love her*

My newest fave is Surprising Treasures.  I found her through a Snappin' Ministries list, and just had to start following her especially because I love her blog, also called Surprising Treasures!  Cindy reminds me of how I want MY attitude to be, and that helps me reset my compass for my true north everyday.

Finally, I have to just enjoy following something for the sake of following it.  It's not ministry, it's not disability; folks, this one is hockey.  I follow Andy Johnson because he does some great coverage of Wisconsin Badger Hockey.  I love his Wisconsin list which has all the past, present, and future Badgers who are on Twitter.   It's a fun way to read the shout-outs to the fans for coming out to a game, to see how former players who are now NHL players STILL follow Badger hockey and stay close to their alma mater, and to just watch them talk smack to one another. 

It's no surprise that with as much as I love Twitter, I'm not only on Twitter myself ( but I also manage the Twitter page for the non-profit organization, International WAGR Syndrome Association (supporting people with WAGR/11p Deletion Syndrome).  You can follow me, or the IWSA (, at anytime! 

Have a happy favorite Friday~and be SURE to check in tomorrow for one of my favorite entries (I had to type it in advance because I'll be at a conference on Saturday)'s about my most embarrassing moment as a mom to a child with a rare disorder.  That TOO was a hard list to narrow down, but I'm sure I nailed it by picking the one I did.

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