Sunday, December 15, 2013

A "Cooler" View

My refrigerator sure does have a lot of stuff hanging on it.  Some days I can't keep it all up there, it just keeps falling off because I have run out of magnets and am asking one magnet to hold multiple things.  In spite of the quantity of things on there, what do the items on my refrigerator say about me?  I have to admit, I rarely switch them out.  Although, I was recently able to get rid of the enormous Leapfrog alphabet machine that was on there.  

The "a" says, "aaaaa",  the "a" says "aaaaaa",  every letter makes a sound, the "a" says "aaaaaa"....  

I was pretty happy to be rid of that. 

The items currently on my fridge are quite telling about what takes priority in our lives:

  • Badger Men's Hockey Calendar/Schedule~this calendar tells me which weekends I can sing at church because, if there is a home hockey game, we won't go to MN
  • Old pictures of our family and of us (Jeff and I) when we were still dating
  • School issued pictures of family and friends
  • Magnets with contact info on it for our church, the school district, Great Scott's Pizza, and the 11p Deletion research project at the National Institutes of Health...(you know, just in case I'm really bored and want to call researchers at the NIH)
  • Collectable magnets; such as a multitude of Wizard of Oz magnets, some Noah's Ark (Evie's nursery them when she was a baby), and a magnet that reads, "This wine is making me AWESOME"
  • Evie's artwork~we can't hang her math worksheets because, since she is legally blind, they are blown up to such extraordinary sizes that one worksheet would practically cover the refrigerator entire door
I guess the things on my refrigerator show that we have a great family, that we have wonderful memories, that we are involved and active people, and that there is one very wild Wizard of Oz fan in the house who likes her wine and shares a passion for hockey with her husband.  

Don't we feel honored when we make someone's refrigerator?  It's like having our picture in an award display case.  Writer and pastor Max Lucado once said, "If Got had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it."  I think that is really quite true. What do you have on your refrigerator?  Does it reflect who you are, or who you'd like to be? 

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