Friday, December 6, 2013

Coulds and Woulds ~ A silly Friday night, gotta write, sitting at home poem...

If I could jump over a rainbow,
And land in Oz,
I'd do it in a second,
Just because.

If I could watch every X-Files,
In just one day,
I'd watch them all in order,
I'd start with "Billy Mays."

If I could build a stack of pancakes,
That reached up to the moon,
I'd have miles of syrup rivers,
Flooding all my rooms.

If I could star in a musical,
One with Kelly and Astaire,
I would be the luckiest girl I know,
I'd dance on gilded stairs.

If I could sing just like an angel,
Never flat and never sharp,
Then I'd never stop my singing,
Cause music's always in my heart.

If I could ride into the ocean,
On a swimming dolphin dream,
I'd watch The Goonies on my iPhone,
With a hotspot Netflix stream.

I believe my "Coulds" and "Woulds" 
As weird and wacky as they seem,
Cannot happen here tonight,
Because I'm not Shel Silverstein.
Give Kids the World in Orlando, FL.

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