Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kood I Whin a Spelin Bea?

Oh, for crying out loud.  I look at my status, or an e-mail I sent, or even a text to Jeff and I see the same typos over and over again.  "I live it!"  "I'm speaking rhetorically, if course."  "What's going in?"  Ever since getting my smart phone, I can't seem to type without creating same old typos for one solid day.  I don't have that little keyboard with the clicky buttons anymore!  Now my finger tips can be all over the keyboard, hitting wrong buttons here and there and I'll never notice...not until I see how ridiculous my messages look!

Here are my standard typos:

  • if and of
  • live and love
  • dine and done
  • win and won
  • Gid and God (Seriously, how does auto-correct not get that?  What is a Gid?)

I know there are more, because I can look back at something I've typed and think, "Do my errors outweigh my correct words?  Not really." 

Then you have the "odd" words; those rare words that don't get typed very often, so apparently no one felt the need to include them in a Microsoft dictionary.  (Of course, Microsoft does make sure we know we are supposed to capitalize Microsoft, because I hadn't and it notified me that I needed to just now.)  These rare words come up quite frequently in my world of WAGR/11p Deletion Syndrome though, like:

  • ophthalmologist
  • aniridia
  • keratopathy
  • nephrology
  • atrial septal defect
  • genitourinary
  • Wilms Tumor (sometimes with an apostrophe, sometimes not!)

For some reason, those words are just not a part of the spell-checks with which I have worked, and yet I have to use them pretty regularly.  So, evidently, I'm the expert and I have to add them into the dictionary on my computer in order to avoid seeing red squiggly underlines throughout many of the things I write.   

Now that I've told you mine, what are some of the typos you most frequently make?  Do you have to play "the expert" with some of the words you know that aren't in the common-computer dictionary?


  1. I like the humorous way you have approached this..spell check on the I pad is the worst..often you don't find the error until you re-read and delete..then you wince a bit and hope nobody spotted!

    1. Totally, Jae Rose! I manage a couple of pages on Facebook and I HATE it when I make errors on those "professional" platforms. :) Thanks for reading!!!



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