Monday, December 16, 2013

My Favorite Christmas Traditions~Forgetting, Remembering and Celebrating

Wow, Christmas is only a week away.  I still have to mail a gift to England, and I'm just now printing my envelopes for our Christmas cards.  Aside from running one step behind at all times, here are a few more of my Christmas Traditions:

  • Forgetting to use the Advent Calendar or Countdown Calendar:  Our beautiful countdown calendar is always forgotten, but still looks adorable.  Right now it's telling me there are 12 days until Christmas...WRONG!
Four Generations 2011

  • Forgetting to wish my aunt a Happy Birthday:  Her birthday is December 2nd.  I get behind on turning my calendars after Thanksgiving and will typically get her birthday card to her mid to late December.  Thankfully, she loves me anyway. 

  • Watching A Christmas Story:  Jeff and I like to pick a line each year and then try to turn to TBS to watch AT LEAST that part of the movie as many times as we can during their 24 hour marathon.  However, this is our first year without cable.  I guess we'll put the DVD on repeat.  Our favorite lines of the past are: 

    • Flick, Flick who?
    • But the bell rang!
    • Bumpasses!
    • Frag-eel-ay!  It must be Italian!
    • Hey, smart ass. I asked my old man about sticking your tongue to a flagpole in the winter, and he says that it'll freeze right to the pole, just like I told ya.
    • Naddafinga!
    • Honors and benefits already at the age of nine!

  • Baking Cookies:  They have to be exactly like my mom made them, a substitution will not suffice; Russian Tea Cakes, Ginger Snaps, and Swedish Sugar Cookies

  • My favorite CDs:  Statler Brothers Christmas Card, Kenny and Dolly Once Upon a Christmas, Bing Crosby A Crosby Christmas.  There have been no CDs in recent history that can create such a feeling of Christmas inside me.

    A White Elephant Gift
  • Hockey Christmas Party:  A recent addition to our traditions...this is the night that our friends who have Badger Hockey season tickets in our section all get together before the game, have a white elephant gift exchange, and indulge in delicious snacks and drinks.  One of my favorite Christmas traditions for sure.
Of course I can't forget the endless get-togethers with all sides of our families.  I love Christmas.  It's magical. 

Evie had cancer during Christmas in 2005.  However, we knew that God is bigger than financial problems, bigger than depression, and bigger than cancer.  He has ruled over death and asks nothing from us other than our acceptance of his love and forgiveness, and our desire to praise him.  How much more magical can you get?  Nothing can separate us from God's love.

A favorite line of mine from the Statler Brothers' Christmas Card album is from the song Who Do you Think?  "They all knew men went to heaven, but now God had come to earth..."  I still get chills at that part of the song.

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?  Has there been a Christmas when you or a loved one were suffering?  How did you overcome that?


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