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Restricted Diet: Avoid Sweets and Sins

I've struggled with managing my weight, and I've struggled with managing the condition of my soul.  I really don't find that they are very different.

In order to maintain a healthy weight (at 5'3 I once weighed 165 lbs. and I now weigh 127 lbs.); I have to log-in to my app on my iPhone (myfitnesspal) and track my calories daily.  I look at how many calories I've consumed, subtract out the calories I've burned with my workout, and I have to stay around 1500 calories a day to maintain my weight.  Some people think, "Why are you trying to lose weight?"  I'm not!  I'm trying NOT TO GAIN weight.  Any and every time I stop tracking my calories; tracking every little thing I put in mouth, I WILL GAIN WEIGHT.  I'm sorry, but I cannot afford to buy a new wardrobe every 6 months simply because I have the desire to eat a jar of peanut butter.

Sin is the same way...but for some reason, we don't say to people, "Why do you study your Bible EVERYD…