Friday, January 31, 2014

He Who Writes the Biographies of Strangers

And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.  Matthew 10:30-31

In our little “happy” packet of papers that the hospital gave us when our daughter was born was the brochure to mail in for a life insurance plan for a newborn baby.  I innocently thought, “Great, I’m home for three months maternity leave, I have time, I’ll just fill out the paperwork and get three months of free life insurance.” 
I'm Worth It!!!

Four weeks after her birth, we got the “official” diagnosis for Evie; the diagnosis that she had a rare genetic condition called WAGR Syndrome.  A week after that, I got a phone call from the insurance company asking “routine” questions about our baby; how things were going and if she was healthy.  “You noted there was an issue with her eyes.  Is she otherwise healthy?”  I told them about WAGR Syndrome; what I could, and referred them to the website.  They sent the application into review.

Consequently, it was in December of 2004, that we had the first indication that our daughter’s mortality was much more a threat than others as she was declined coverage for life insurance.  I cringed at the added disclaimer to this denial, as though it would ease the pain:

This by no means reflects on the future success and health of your child…we must ensure low premiums to our families.

(I still find a sense of joy in adding up the now ten-years worth of premiums that they have lost by not covering Evie under their plan.)

Truly, I realize that our little girl’s life came with no more guarantees than anyone else’s.  But, having it written on paper, from a company known for the “baby-face” on its food jars made me feel like the company was saying that our “baby’s face” wasn’t worth the risk. 

However, while one multi-million dollar company may say “not worth the risk,” the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who walked this earth over 2,000 years ago looked into the stars above, counted the hairs on her head; numbered her days in the Book of Life and said, “Her…I’ll die for her.  She’s worth it.”

He who writes the biographies of strangers, he who organizes the universe with his words, he who purposely weaves strands of DNA on a mystical loom of grace…He gives us the ONLY insurance policy that really matters.  It’s underwritten by a carpenter’s son and signed with the blood of a Lamb.

Questions to Ponder:
Have you had to face your child’s mortality in a very real way?
Have you thought about Jesus going to cross just for him or her?
Have you shared this Good News with your child?   



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