Friday, January 3, 2014

The Five Year Plan...

The One Minute Writing Prompt for the day is "The 5 Year Plan"... 

Since a minute is about all I have today, I’ll keep it short and very simple.   

Where will I be in 2019?  What will I be up to? 

Jeff and I will be in our mid-40's.  Evie will be a TEENAGER.  Hopefully our kitties will still be peppering our floors with coughed up fur balls and they’ll still be addicted to dragging our socks out from laundry baskets.   

I'll be a published writer by then.  Maybe on my second book (wink, wink...).   

I’ll still be active in church with music and Bible study. 

Maybe by then I'll have started actually teaching Turbojam classes, as I was certified last fall but have yet to find a time to fit classes into my schedule.  Two classes a week would suffice, enough to help other people feel physically and mentally strong, and confident. 

We’ll see that Evie's anxiety is under control, and her kidney function is still good.  We'll have the hole in her heart taken care of for sure by then, as that's scheduled for this year.  She'll be in middle school, almost high school (yikes!).   

I think we'll all still be the three musketeers; Jeff, Evie and Tammie...better together. 

5 Years Ago...Evie's Make a Wish Trip...
I'll still be watching X-Files on Netflix, if it's still available, and I'll hope that Golden Girls and Little House will be added to the Netflix line up. 

Maybe I'll have convinced Evie to watch movies by then so I can get her hooked on musicals like Annie, Wizard of Oz and Summer Stock.   

I'll have an active and strong blog-presence on the web, and will have all the goofy things figured out like RSS, HTML, Disqis, Tumblr and Stumbleupon.   

I'll be filled with joy...because my past will have made me stronger, my present will be filled with inspiration and adventure, and my future will be wrapped in the promise of life eternal in Heaven with my Creator.

What's in your 5 year plan? 
What will have changed?
What will remain the same?


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