Friday, January 24, 2014

Yes! Sign Me Up!

Would you subscribe to your faith even if you knew you would suffer in the midst of it? 

Many people falsely believe that Christianity will bring happiness.  But, even when we are blessed and in the presence of God, we can still feel darkness; we can still experience depression.  In Genesis, Abraham, the father of our faith, even faced darkness:

Now when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and behold, horror and great darkness fell upon him. Genesis 15:12

God was telling Abraham about the future nation that Abraham would be the father of; but that nation did not have a “sunshiny” future.  There would be pain, oppression, persecution, and uncertainty.  Had Abraham signed up for that? 

Today we subscribe to many things that bring us pleasure; weekly or monthly magazines, news feeds on the internet, even the jelly of the month club.  A subscription means we are signing up to receive something over and over, usually because we want it.   A subscription is an official way of saying, “I want what you are offering to me.”

So, will you subscribe to your faith even knowing that it won’t promise you an easy life; rather a life worthy of eternity in Heaven with God?  Will you sign up to receive the blessings that God has to offer you even if you know that you will also suffer pain, persecution, oppression, and uncertainty?  

This morning, and every morning, I need to pull out that little renewal card and say, “Yes, I want another day of ‘Life in Christ’!”  I will “refer a friend” for her trial subscription by inviting her to a great Christian music concert, or to Sunday morning at my church. Lastly, I’ll mark the little check box that says, “Yes, I would like ‘Life in Christ’ to send me e-mail updates about special offers and unique opportunities to experience personal growth and abundant blessings.”

It’s Friday morning…and it’s time to decide; will you subscribe today?

(In response to Sunday Scribblings writing prompt: Subscribe)

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