Friday, February 14, 2014

Favorite Fridays - Glorious Church Bells

One of the "traditions" I'd like to start on my blog is celebrating Frdays by writing about a few of my favorite things.  Today is the day to start that tradition!  
To honor this wonderful village we live in, Mt. Horeb, I want to write today about one of my favorite things here: the church bells.

The ELC church is just a block away from us, and the bells ring evey hour between 7 am and 9 pm.  Not only do they chime the hours, but there is always a song that follows; usually a celebrated traditional hymn, but I've also heard songs like, "Always look at the Bright Side of Life."

There have been times when the bells have required a tune-up, and during those times you felt like a gameshow contestant who has just chosen the wrong door or curtain.... Waa-waa-waaaawh.   However, that was usually short lived, and actually added a little surrealism to the quiet suburban town.  

Last summer, thankfully, with the cool temps that we had, I was able to enjoy the church bells the most.  Our windows were open, the sound of air-conditioners running were few and far between...Evie and I would often count the bells every hour to countdown our day to daddy's return home from work. 


The church bells have always provided me comfort  They were a constant reminder of God's presence during the summer months of my maternity leave with Evie, a time when I needed God most.  

Also, the bells were always a crowd favorite when we would grill out at our Pre-Frolic Summer Party, because they created an aura of ethnicity, like being transported to another country for an instant.

The church bells, indeed, add quaintness and culture to our town.  They remind me of safety, of a simpler time, of cows grazing and green meadows swaying to and fro.

Maybe we will find church bells in Reno.  Maybe we will be fortunate to live close enough to hear them chime the arrival of another hour.  But, somehow I doubt that I will ever find quite the magical combination of green trees, brick crosswalks, Nordic designs and troll-lined streets as I've found right here.  

Church Bells...

Just one little piece of Mt. Horeb that will always make this "home".

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