Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Mind is a Runaway Kite

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There it goes again...
Give it an inch and it takes a mile...
My mind is a freight train barreling down a track toward eternity; never wanting to stop, gaining speed with every clickety-clack

The most dangerous times for me are those moments when I'm alone...I might be in the shower, or curling my hair, or working out.  Regardless of what I'm doing, my mind is always racing.

I have to admit, there are times when I've come up with great ideas during one of these races.  
  • The pirate theme for WAGR Weekend.
  • The idea to buy season passes for Noah's Ark Waterpark.
  • Many topics about which to blog.
  • Ideas for Evie's birthday parties.
But, I also seem to incorporate thoughts about small worries of mine, and by the end of my "impromptu brainstorming session," I have created a nightmare that leaves my heart pounding with anxiety.
My mind is a runaway kite...
I may start off with a light breeze, and total control of the twine that ties the kite to me.  But, if I get a little lazy, I drop the holder around which the twine is twisted; and off goes the kite, soaring into the blue heavens above.  
How do I get it back?  
I run after it for a while in a vain attempt to real in my imagination and "un-do" all of the things I've imagined in my mind; but it's too late.  My brain has already "gone there" and now it has become part of my thoughts.  
What if?  
Could it be?  
How could I?  
The only way to reel in the kite is to actually let it go
Give it to God, Tammie.
The kite is gone; you let your mind race again.  The thoughts you had were only imagined, and are not part of reality.
Let the kite go.
Return to your home; and tie your mind down to the solid rock; the anchor...

He will hold you down and not let you be tossed about by the wind.

When you belong to God, you are tethered to HIM; you are no longer the one holding your own kite.


Let go, and let God.


  1. Sometimes that feeling is good..sometimes are right that in some way we must let it go

    1. I just can't believe how quickly my imagination runs away with itself. :)



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