Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Bowl of Flowers

Image Courtesy of Praisaeng/
Packing memories
Packing dreams
Packing fears I'd rather leave behind
Packing my clothes
Packing my wares
Packing the dust I'd rather leave behind
Packing the photos
Packing the books
Packing the things I hoard here on earth
This bowl of flowers
Once held my hopes
But they have been packed
In a box that's closed
Sealed tight with tape
                       "don't break"
Moth and rust won't gobble hopes up
Although the flowers will wither and die
My truest treasure is stored up on high.
Written in response to Sunday Scribblings 2 Prompt ~ A Bowl Full of Flowers



  1. This poem reads's message so clear and heartfelt..nicely packaged!

    1. Thanks, Jae Rose! I'm not usually a poetry writer, so I REALLYappreciate it coming from YOU!!!

  2. You have discovered how important it is to love the world and see yourself as part of the great plan. From your post this week I take it your move is getting very close. Love to Tammie from Australia.



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