Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Most Perfect Pastry

You, my child, are a pastry;
A delicacy to behold.
Your sweet confection's a blessing;
Even now, when you're ten years old.

I could pair you with morning coffee;
But your glaze would dissolve; bittersweet.
I could sip some tea from a tea cup;
You'd grow stale as I watch it steep.

You are filled with a joyful spirit;
Lemon, Raspberry, Cream Cheese and more.
Appearing outside, as all of the others;
But inside, unique to the core.

I thank God for His infinite blessings;
He formed you with His own baker's hands.
Made you with the richest ingredients;
Now before me His fine creation stands.

You, my child, are a pastry;
The sweetest course God has made in my life.
Enjoy every day that He gives you;
Because you are the Creator's delight.

Written in response to Sunday Scribblings 2 writing prompt "Pastry "...


  1. The love of a mother for her child has no parallel. Let's hope you read this poem to her, I am sure she would have been delighted.

    1. Thank, Old Egg! I've got a special girl, and I'll be sure to share it with her. :) By the way, she's started blogging too! :)

  2. As always Tammie..your absolute love shines through..she is a gorgeous girl..


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