Thursday, September 4, 2014

Like a Corroded Flashlight~Guest Blogging Day

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I will meditate on your precepts

    and fix my eyes on your ways. Psalm 119:15 ESV

The wind is kicking up, the TV stations are all airing radar of the storms moving through the area.  Sirens are blaring, plants and chairs outside are blowing over, and cats are scurrying under the beds.  I grab a bag and start dumping books, snacks, and blankets into it, strap the baby in the car seat and head downstairs.  Tornado season in Wisconsin...always an adventure.
We get downstairs and I turn on the radio.  Boom.  Power is out.  I grab the flashlight from the cupboard above the washing machine.  Flip the switch.  A low glow is emitted momentarily, but slowly fades. my best Minnesota-girl drawl I say in a whisper, "Ah, crap."
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