Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summers on Owl Lake

Root beer barrels,
Grandpa cleaning fish,
Dancing in the laundry room,
Solid Gold and Hee-Haw.

Dinner at The Anchor Inn, 
Grandma leading devotions,
Swimming in our own lake,
Dallas and Charlies' Angels.

Cinnamon toast in the oven,
Pastor Tom playing flashlight tag,
Playing restaurant in the playhouse,
The Price is Right and The Great Space Coaster.

Ice Cream at the Fancy Freeze,
Annie playing piano at church,
Swinging on the squeaky tires,
The Love Boat and Little House.

Pudding or Push-up Pops,
The Liceas sleeping over,
Petting a white puppy dog named Boomer, 
Guiding Light and Days of our Lives.

Like sands through the hour-glass...

Written in response to TheWritePrompts

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