Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Much Needed Day at Lake Tahoe

So, this is a "trial run" at updating my BLOG with just a daily activity kind of post.  I'm attempting to leave Facebook and will be trying to keep people updated on our exciting events in the Wild West writing about our Hefty Adventures here.  This way I can focus on writing more in-depth rather than "just the facts".  I've found that Facebook is no longer the place I want to spend my time, and it has a way of drawing us in and AWAY from the REAL WORLD around us.  We need SKIN!  We need EXPERIENCES...the virtual world messes up my mind and I forget how many things I have to be thankful for.

Like my happy place...Lake Tahoe.  Today we left town at 9:30 AM and were sitting down to lunch at The Gunbarrel in South Lake Tahoe at 11:00.  We certainly beat the rush.  It was like a little sleepy town.  There was outdoor music and fire pits, but we elected to eat indoors.  (We weren't really dressed for outdoor dining at this point in the season.)

After lunch we drove around the south shore of the Lake Tahoe toward our favorite, Emerald Bay.  We had yet to see the damage from the big fire they had there last fall, and boy did it clear a view of Lake Tahoe like we had never seen before.   The vista point at Emerald Bay was un-shoveled, but that didn't stop us from climbing up on a good 4-5 foot tall snowbank to walk toward the overlook.  It was beautiful, chilly and free of BEES!!!

Our drive along the southwest shore to the north took us through the winding roads where snow piles were, at times as tall as the street light poles!  We saw the trees that had died after they came crashing down the mountainside after the heavy, intense snowfalls of this past winter.  It was amazing, and awe-inspiring to consider the power of the snow and water and how they can fell a tree or dislodge a boulder which has stood strong for decades.
This photo is courtesy of my mom!  Great shot!

Evie was a peach during our drive.  She wanted reassurance that I wasn't about to sneak in a shopping-stop on her...she HATES SHOPPING!  No, I assured her, this was just to take in the beauty of the Lake.

And that is just what we did.  We arrived in Tahoe City and mom got out to take pictures of the dam by the museum where the lake feeds the river.  Just a year ago, that bed lay dry, but not today.  It was gurgling and churning and as blue as blue can be.  Turquoise, even.
Also my mom's handiwork.
The photo...she didn't build the dam.

As always, Lake Tahoe was a good get away for me today.  After the stress of dealing with an ailing elder kitty (our little Nori), I needed a day to take in God's beauty and to remember His constant presence in our lives, and just how much He loves us.  After years of drought, He has once again brought rebirth and renewal to Lake Tahoe...would He not do the same for us?

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