Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Don't Cry Over Spilled Skinny Chai Tea Latte

Evie rings the Bell at the BELL Academy after Telling her Friends about an Accomplishment of Hers

We left the BELL Academy,
(Six hours of braille mixed with play),
Drove down the highway;  off to speech!-
It was a "special needs" kind of day.

"I think we'll get there early," I say, 
Because no traffic did we find...
"So at Starbucks we will pitstop, 
A skinny chai tea latte, I won't mind."

We swiftly grab my order, 
I smile and take a deep cleansing breath,
"Ev, we're still getting there early,"
A relaxed feeling that I rarely get.

I imagined slowly sipping 
My skinny chai tea latte in the waiting room,
I had been waiting for this priceless moment 
Since I woke this morning, now it was SOON!

Excitedly we pulled all
Our belongs from the car,
In the door and there's Ms. Vicki - 
My skinny chai tea latte moment wasn't far.

Evie hoisted her proud new BELL bag
Over her shoulder while standing up,
And that pesky cinch sac swung too wide and
Assaulted my Starbucks cup!

The wise green mermaid didn't cry,
As she bounced upon the floor, 
But I yelled, "No!" and fought back tears, 
My skinny chai tea latte was now no more.

I felt frustration fiercely beating
At the doors behind my eyes,
I knew my emotions were just selfish,
"Tammie, do NOT let yourself cry."

My daughter couldn't help it, 
And she today had her OWN fill,
Of the constant call of courage 
As she fought her OWN dragons...

but still...

This momma was already feeling worn,
Today she felt under attack,
So a spilled skinny chai tea latte,
Was the straw that broke this momma's back.

This poem is dedicated to all my fellow parents who have cried over what SEEMS to be the silliest thing...

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