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A Memory that Haunts Me Still~In the Robe-Room

The question struck me this morning...out of the blue

What ever happened to that little girl in the robe-room?

It was my senior year of high school, and I was in the Seattle, WA area on a trip with our Concert Choir. We had been touring there; performing and competing. Near the end of our trip, we were to perform at a church and then stay for a meal in the church basement. I don't remember all the details of the church, but I remember the room where we changed into our choir robes. I remember it because it terrified me and left me with an image forever burned into my memory; an image of a girl...

I only remember snapshots of this event. I remember the room was large, and quite vacant where we changed into our robes. I remember a wood floor and the walls were lined with those shelves that have the bar under them to hold hangers for hanging coat or other articles of clothing. And I remember seeing the wheelchair on the side of the room opposite the door through which we ente…