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A Brand New Day

As I jumped into my dream of blogging/writing for the public, and not just for my own "day-dreamy" self, I started seeking out writing prompts, and various websites that might provide me with ideas for when I can't think of something on my own.  One of the pages that I stumbled upon was Sunday Scribblings, a blogspot that would post a writing prompt each week and then allow the writers to post their responses to the Sunday Scribblings blog.  No sooner had I found Sunday Scribblings, when the very last of their 400 writing prompts was published.  Finale.

"Good timing, Tammie," I thought to myself.  But, as I pondered the idea of Finale a while longer, I realized that, while Sunday Scribblings was no longer going to post "new" writing prompts, there were nearly 400 writing prompts running back over the years since the blog had been started which I could access and still use to prompt my writing.  So, really, this was still the beginning for me.

Isn't that true with life?  How many times do we mourn the "end" of something; a job, a
A refreshing start is like a bubbling source of water...
relationship, a life, and then find out that it was only the beginning to a new chapter?  Life is a perpetual cycle of endings and beginnings.  I have gotten to the point where I typically spend very little time contemplating the end of something, because my brain immediately starts thinking about what it might lead to; what will now begin?

The clean slate...

I couldn't wait to start college because I wanted to get away from high school; get away from a place where I had felt trapped in a box of labels from which I couldn't escape. 
  • "Goody Two Shoes"
  •  "Nerd"
  •  "Cry-baby" 
  • "Teacher's Pet"  
I knew that college would be a fresh start for me and I'd finally be able to be the "me" that I knew I could be.  Similarly, a new job always means a chance for me to learn how to better communicate with co-workers, and how to manage my stress better than at the last job.  A new friendship means a chance to be more positive with this person, and never to let gossip or two-faced talk become a part of the relationship.  

We're told in the Bible that the old us, the sinful us, dies when we become a new creation in Jesus Christ.  We are also told that God's mercies are new every morning.  If that is true, then each day can be just as refreshing as the "big" changes, the "big" finales.  Each day I can believe that the old sinful part of myself is dead and that I have the chance for a fresh start; a chance to be the "me" that I know I can be in Jesus. 

And so, with all that in mind, let the curtain now rise on a brand new day...


  1. As Megg has indicated there are many other prompt sites available now. Some are free form such as "Three Word Wednesday", whilst poetry blogs abound. If you are writing a serial you should try Alice Audrey's "The Serialists"."The Sunday Whirl" has 12 prompt words to chose from for your piece and not unnaturally some contributors will try to use every word! Feedback is so important and encouraging for a writer, let's hope I see you around.

    1. Sounds great, Old Egg! It's really a thrill to be a part of this blogging community. Thanks for the reiteration of the suggestions from Megg~I do still love what she did on Sunday Scribblings...may have to run through the archive for some "oldies but goodies". :)

  2. Yes..keep going'll find a lot of faces from Sunday Scribblings on the other sites Old Egg has mentioned..

  3. Love how you put a positive spin on this ending!

  4. great post of renewal.... yes, I love that we can start new every day.... but we forget..!!!

    1. We totally forget! It's like I need to be reminded, so that's why I keep doing Bible studies...I need to learn the same lessons a couple of time. :)

  5. A thoughtful piece on Finale, well done, Tammy. I too only came across Sunday Scribblings today. I like your thinking about reviewing the previous prompts for future blog posts. Thanks for sharing that thought. I participate in Magpie Tales which always provides great writing prompts ..have a look when you can. Enjoy and Happy New Year and writing too!

    1. Thanks, Mary!!! I didn't realize I missed your post. Are you going Sunday Scribblings 2?

  6. It's a new year, and Sunday Scribblings 2 is a new place for prompts for writers of whatever genre. I was sorry to see Sunday Scribblings go, so I decided to continue the tradition. Each Wednesday, I will post a new prompt. At midnight Friday, you will be able to link your writing to this site: Sunday Scribblings 2

    The prompt is up. Please join us!

  7. hello. I stopped by from Sunday Scribbling's last prompt. sad one.
    but I'm glad I came here, I found Sunday Scribblings 2. wow great!!

    1. Enjoy!!! I'm having fun with it, and also going through the old SS site for previous prompts. :)


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