Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Cat on my Lap

I'm seriously reconsidering my original plan to workout.  I made the mistake of sitting down to drink some Crystal Light and eat a Honeycrisp Apple.   About two seconds after sitting down, I got a cat on my lap.  This puts things into an entirely different perspective.  (Cat-Lovers know what I'm talking about.)

I guess I need to weigh my options; I'll list them as the pros and cons of working out.

Pro:  I should workout because I'm still getting back on track from a long Thanksgiving weekend. 

Con:  I should stay in the chair with Jinxy; it's snuggle time.

Pro:  I'm dressed for my workout; that's usually half the work!

Con:  Jinxy's purring and has that quiet, peaceful, cat-sleeping face right now.

Pro:  I've got X-Files on Netflix; that could make the workout go pretty fast.

Con:  It's Jinxy!  He's on my lap!  How can I just walk away from that?

Pro:  I had my calories calculated for the day as if I DID workout; so I ate as though I 'd workout.

Con:  Jinxy's so warm!  He doesn't even care that I'm typing on a laptop that's resting on the arm of my chair.  He's sound asleep.  He has total trust and security in where he's at...I shouldn't ruin that!

I think it would be easier to have someone drive by in a large vehicle and startle Jinxy off my lap.  Yes, definitely easier.  

Postscript:  Upon publishing this blog post, Jinxy got up off my lap and out of the chair.  I shall now workout. 

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