Thursday, December 12, 2013

What is the REAL Problem?

Wouldn't you know it?  We get the tree up, get it all decorated and ready to go, and suddenly we realize there's a string of lights that's not working.  With all the technological advances in the world, haven't we figured out by now how to get a series circuit to stay lit even when one bulb burns out?  

The answer is "yes".  We have figured out how to keep a series circuit of tree lights lit when one bulb burns out, BUT the series circuit cannot stay lit if a bulb is REMOVED.  So, the REAL problem is the loss of a bulb; the whole string will go out.

The same thing happens with our spirit.  If we are feeling uninspired, or like we have a spiritual drought going on in our life, we need to look at the series circuit which runs our electrical current.  Something is missing, something has been removed in order for the current to be broken.  It's not just that a bulb has burned out; we have strong enough spirit to jump that bulb; but there is a complete removal of a critical piece of the spiritual circuit. 

What has been removed from our life in order to do this?  

Picture this, if you will.  Let's say that WE are each a string of bulbs.  God is the plug which connects us~sometimes he connects us to other people, sometimes he connects us directly into an outlet. God is the one who is equipped to radiate light, because the fuse is encased with him, within the plug.  Without the plug, we, the string of lights are completely useless.

The Holy Spirit runs within us; within the string of bulbs.  It is the current of energy that will flow throughout the entire string, and may even flow to others through inspiration if God has attached the strings to one another.  The Holy Spirit will supply the direction, power and energy to the individual bulbs, thereby radiating that light of God. 

The bulbs are Jesus Christ.  Without the bulbs, the Holy Spirit cannot flow through the string.  If a bulb is missing, if Jesus Christ is not a part of us, the entire string will go out because there is not a connection through which the circuit can run.  

Are you missing a bulb on your string of lights this season?  The only remedy is to replace your bulb that has been removed.  Jesus Christ is the "reason for the season," so without him we have nothing~no current, no series circuit, no light.  Prayer and daily inspiration through the Bible is the best way to replace the missing bulb.  Jesus will come to you when you call on him. 

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  John 1:5

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