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It's been a year since I saw you, heard you, hugged and kissed you.  It feels like ages.

I watch old videos to hear your voice.  That same voice with which you used to bicker with me.  Always my contender; we'd match up nose to nose over topics like:  football vs. "Life Goes On", just HOW smelly and bad for you cigarettes were, and whether or not I REALLY was "that sweet girl all your teachers" told you about at parent/teacher conferences.

However argumentative we could be, we also shared a deep respect for one another.  I respected your courage as a police officer, your loyalty to your brothers on the force, and your ability to withhold hasty judgment of others.  And I know you respected me.  You believed more in me than I did in myself.  You wanted me to be a lawyer; but I didn't believe I was capable of that.  You believed in our ability to parent you special little "Sunshine" Evie; and you became our tender-hearted cheerleader on her Car…