Monday, September 29, 2014

The Struggle

Photo Courtesy of Me; Setting Courtesy of God
I was out for a walk the other night and saw my mind, it was the perfect "picture" of life here on earth. 

The struggle...

The fight to become strong, and independent.
The knowledge that we cannot stand alone.
The feeling that we are pulled in all directions.

In my soul's pasture, I find peace in the security that God gives me...He holds me up and braces me against the harsh conditions in this world.  He lends support and never leaves me without the watchful care and protection of legions of angels.
Gravity pulls me down and winds bend me in all directions; but the tension, the painful training of God's love strengthens me and sets me into a right relationship with Him.

This struggle, in the end, will shine bright as the glory of the beginning...  

Written in response to Sunday Scribblings 2 writing prompt:  in the soul's pasture

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