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Favorite Fridays~Eureka!!!

Even though I have been writing about my "favorite things" that I'll miss about Wisconsin when we move to Nevada, today I've decided to write about one of our favorite card games. I can't take credit for this game; we learned it from my mom who learned it from a friend of hers.  But, I think it's a game that everyone should know about because it enables ANYONE to play.  There's no speed involved, no strategy, and that makes it easier for those who are younger, older, or may have a disability which prevents them from performing well in other games.  

Eureka~the rules:

You need two full decks of cards with the jokers removed.One deck of cards is the deck used to "call" the cards; the other deck is dealt out into piles according to the number of players until ALL CARDS ARE DEALT.  (A player or two may end up with more cards than the others; but that doesn't matter.)The person who is calling the cards may or may not also choose to play.The CALLER …

A Thankful Thursday

Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are.  We take things for granted like being "healthy enough".  We don't have to be in the best health in order to "be healthy enough" to enjoy time with family, take vacations, and try new things.  We have confidence in the promises of our Father in Heaven that someday we won't have to "hope" for health, for sunny skies, for freedom from fear or pain...we are promised all of these things in Heaven.  So for now, we will appreciate the sun when it shines, we will take advantage of the days when we don't have pain, and we will celebrate the future victory we have over the grave...because his promises are true, and his love endures forever.

WAGR Wednesday~When Dry Mouth Attacks!

It's WAGR Wednesday!  I thought I'd discuss today something that you may or may not experience, but if you do, it's good to know about it!  Dry mouth.  It can happen for a number of different reasons; side effect of chemotherapy, side effect of medication...but regardless of why it happens, it's important to identify it early and to make some changes that can reduce the effects of dry mouth.

I didn't realize that Evie was experiencing dry mouth until I found her in the living room one day and her mouth was bleeding. At the time, she was a toddler, unsteady on her feet, and didn't have verbal speech yet, I assumed she had fallen and hit her mouth.  However, when I took her to the dentist, he found that her teeth were immobile, and they did not appear to have been damaged in anyway.  He said, however, that she had a tear on her upper gum, and that it looked like the result of dry mouth.You know how, when the skin on your hands is dry, you can get cuts on them very…

Favorite Fridays~Our Schools

I just had Evie's last IEP in this school district.  That was a really hard thing to do considering I'd always imagined her graduating from here; having walked the halls and sat in the desks of the schools that I'd been working in these past few years.

I know a good school can be hard to find, and I know that a good school for a student with special needs can be even harder.  I'm convinced that in this school district, Evie would have been blessed to have been educated in every school; from the Early Learning Center all the way to the High School.

I appreciated the schools, the teachers, the teacher's aides, and the staff even before I started working in the district.  However, once I started working in the schools; sitting in the classrooms with students, participating in some of the problem-solving and planning that is required to best serve the students; that's when I fell in love with the school district.  I started to see how complicated a single day can be …

WAGR Wednesday~Mirror, Mirror: Is it Vanity or Speech Therapy?

I'm Just Going to Rest My Eyes~Guest Blogging Day

As young girls, my cousins, sister and I would tease my grandma when we'd catch her falling asleep as she read stories to us or watched TV with us.  Grandma would say, "I was just resting my eyes."

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Unanswered Prayers


My GRE scores were abysmal, and the University of Minnesota didn't want me to come anywhere near their graduate program.
Should I retake the test?  Fork out more money even though I had a history of choking when it came to standardized tests?

UW Milwaukee had accepted me.  Not only accepted me, but also offered me a teaching assistant-ship which meant free tuition to school!  Why couldn't that have happened with U of M?  I didn't want to move as far away from home as Milwaukee was. 

I had prayed for it all to work out for the best.  Was this really best?

Unanswered prayers...
Had I not moved to Milwaukee I: 
Would not have reconnected with Jeff, fallen in love, and married him.
Would not have lived in the Madison area, let alone the Milwaukee area, where I've met some of my nearest and dearest friends.
Would never have had the perfect DNA make up to knit together Evie Jo.
Would never have heard of WAGR Syndrome, and would not have my amazing WAGR family.My greatest t…

Favorite Fridays~The Truth

For quite some time now, I have been attending a Bible study on Friday mornings at our church, New Hope.  While some Bible studies are focused on coffee and chatting, these studies are TOUGH; but in a good way.  They teach the Truth.  I have often left on Friday mornings emotionally drained from learning about God's love, God's grace, and God's sovereignty.

The Bible studies that New Hope's women use are called Precept Upon Precept because they are structured with the understanding that scripture does not contradict scripture, and that in order to understand God's Word, we need to study the Word in depth; from the root.  This can be a tedious process, and it does not go unnoticed by Satan-he loves to try to derail me when I'm in the midst of these studies.  While I will miss Fridays, Sundays and every day in between at New Hope when we move out West; right now I'm still focused on what I learn there. Our current study of the book of Daniel has shown me clear…

WAGR Wednesday~Double Your Fun: Why Our Kids May Need a Longer, Stronger Dose of Antibiotics

There seems to be a recurrent theme in our WAGR support group regarding the length of time and strength of antibiotics that our children need to be on, as well as their amazing ability to catch EVERYTHING that's going around. 
Knock on wood, it seems that our own little zebra outgrew this tendency to catch everything around age 6 or 7; but those first few years, especially the ones after chemo were rough.Evie seemed to have at least an ear infection, urinary tract infection or pneumonia every month for a while there; and that meant a LOT of antibiotics.  She quickly built up a tolerance to the antibiotics, so it seemed we had to go with the big guns; like augmentin, in order to kill the bacteria causing the infections.  Often, with her ear infections and UTIs, we would re-test/re-check for them before completing the first round of antibiotics to see if the infection had even cleared. There had been one too many times that we would finish the round of medication only to have a flare…

Get Behind Me, Satan! ~ Guest Blogging Day

I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and I create evil (calamity); I am the Lord, Who does all these things.  Isaiah 45:7 AMPDo we believe it?  How do we rationalize what God has written here? We like to believe he makes peace, and we can buy into the idea of him ALLOWING bad things to happen in order that he turns them into good things and shows his power and might.  But, do we actually believe that he CREATES calamity?

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My Mind is a Runaway Kite

There it goes again...
Give it an inch and it takes a mile...My mind is a freight train barreling down a track toward eternity; never wanting to stop, gaining speed with every clickety-clack. 

The most dangerous times for me are those moments when I'm alone...I might be in the shower, or curling my hair, or working out.  Regardless of what I'm doing, my mind is always racing.

I have to admit, there are times when I've come up with great ideas during one of these races.  
The pirate theme for WAGR Weekend.The idea to buy season passes for Noah's Ark Waterpark.Many topics about which to blog.Ideas for Evie's birthday parties. But, I also seem to incorporate thoughts about small worries of mine, and by the end of my "impromptu brainstorming session," I have created a nightmare that leaves my heart pounding with anxiety.
My mind is a runaway kite...I may start off with a light breeze, and total control of the twine that ties the kite to me.  But, if I get a little…

Favorite Fridays~Summer Frolic

No doubt about it, one of my FAVORITIST things about Mt. Horeb is the Summer Frolic.