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I see how God has prepared me for my life, and want to share with others my story so they too can raise the cups that God has given them and say, "Only by your grace, Lord, will I finish this race."

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Sometimes I stare at pictures on the wall and wonder how so much time could have passed so quickly.

I remember that family photo, taken when I was permed and eye-lined; with the coke-bottle glasses and "Life Goes On, Becca" frames.

I remember that trip to Arizona, and Dad all giddy taking close-ups of the cactus.

I remember when Mom went to Florida and came back having seen those ocean sunsets, and she framed one so we could see it too.

Pictures hang on the walls of the homes we inhabit.  
They tell our stories...
We hang the best photos on the walls of our homes...
We post the best photos on the walls of our Facebook...

And that's...OK...
as long as we remember that we ALL edit our photos both inside and out...
Written in response to Flower Print Wall image writing prompt. 

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