Monday, May 16, 2016

While I was at the Funeral for My Old Dreams

it was spelled out in black and white...
there was a difference in her DNA...
this would not be a "normal" life for our first and only child...

our life was now a query and a question mark rather than an exclamation with a point.

while i was at the funeral for my old dreams,
jesus came and sheltered me
with loving eyes and gentle hands,
with peaceful breaths and merciful words.

while i was at the funeral for my old dreams,
i slowly realized the new,
dreams don't always come true,
but god's unfolding promises do.

while i was at the funeral for my old dreams,
i knew that he'd designed this beautiful journey,
it would not look like my plan,
my plan was now under the earth, and somehow that didn't hurt.

while i was at the funeral for my old dreams,
i began to day,
after a while,
i settled into today and suddenly we are miles away from the graveyard where we left the old dreams.

those old dreams do not fit us now anyway...


  1. What a phrase, "while I was at the funeral for my old dreams"... God has really been working on me lately, teaching me the folly of my assumptions about His plan, of judging my present circumstances as bad - or good - and reacting accordingly. This phrase will help me remember that it's ok to say goodbye to what I thought was going to happen...but hold on to the truth that what He has planned is better than anything I can imagine.

    1. I'm so glad it spoke to you! I saw the phrase, "While I was at the funeral..." in a writing prompt and knew exactly which "funeral" I wanted to write about. It can be a long journey or a short journey to getting comfortable and even celebrating God's plan...but the journey is worth it and the peace that comes with it is overwhelming.

  2. Tammy, I am so there. I have been fighting with depression this year, and I even find myself afraid to make new plans, any plans. I have grown good at being flexible, expecting to be let down, expecting the unrxpected to happen, and having a plan to deal with dissapointment, but again afraid to dream and really plan for where I feel the Lord is leading... because I still believe He is good and He wants His best for us and our children. God Speed!!!

    1. Thank you, Candy! Hugs from across the country!!



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