Friday, May 19, 2017

A Good Punch in the Face

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I've never punched anyone in the face...
Let's get that clear right now.  
But I've wanted to.  In those very "Ally McBeal" moments when you picture yourself following through on your basic animal instincts to lash out at anyone near you when you are injured or threatened...oh, yes...I have wanted to punch many people in the face.

the 8th grade classmate who said, "Tammie, the only reason you get good grades is because you don't have any friends".

the 8th grade classmate who wrote me a note saying that she wanted to become popular that year, and that meant she couldn't be friends with me anymore.  (yeah, 8th grade sucked).
the people who typed the anonymous letters from graduate schools and turned me down because of my GRE scores (although I'm glad you did because I never would have started dating my husband had you accepted me at THOSE schools).
everyone who worked at the Gerber Grow-Up plan because I got a letter from you in December 2004 saying that our daughter couldn't get life insurance through you...(hmmm...a rare disease does that, I guess...hence, why you were forthwith known as the Gerber THROW UP plan).

a couple of Wisconsin's 'civil servants' whose names appeared on letters declining Evie for some county services.  That was unfortunate...but, the courts overturned your decision. :P

the parents who shush their children when they ask me very logical and appropriate "children type" questions about Evie.  Your SHUSH communicates shame...and there is no shame about my daughter.  Your SHUSH is what makes her question what IS SO wrong.
the lady at McDonald's who approached me as we frantically were trying to usher Evie out of the restaurant during a wicked meltdown after a long day of approach me and all you do is suggest fish oil for my child's behaviors?  Open the friggin' door for us and help us OUT!
the old man who told me I should have folded up Evie's white cane BEFORE boarding the plane because it was a nuisance for him.  Clearly you don't understand WHY we use a white's HOW we GET on the plane.

the eye doctors who have treated Evie as if she has no intelligence and that we shouldn't even be in your office...well, guess what...we aren't in your office anymore.  It's actually worth flying back to Wisconsin to see our eye doctor THERE, 1,800 miles from home; than drive two hours and waste our time on you.

I didn't have to, and don't have to, punch any of these people in the face.  They are of no consequence to us.  

This is a great big world, and we serve a GREAT BIG GOD and because of His victory WE have victory.


No punching required.

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